Patient SMS Update


You may have noticed that over the last five years Jasper Medical has begun using text messages to communicate with patients. The feedback regarding using SMS for non-urgent contact has been very positive and patient surveys have indicated that many of you would prefer to be contacted by SMS due to the speed, convenience, and accessibility.

Because of this, the practice will soon begin using SMS to communicate with you more frequently, usually just to let you know that the doctor would like to see you for a non-urgent review of your results. For any serious or urgent matters, the practice will continue to contact you via phone call or registered mail. SMS messages will not contain any identifying information about you, or your results.

If you receive an SMS message asking you to make an appointment, please call reception staff to book in or visit our website for online appointments. The SMS will generally give a timeframe for follow-up.

At this stage we cannot receive replies by SMS, so please make sure you call us back to follow-up. If you prefer to receive postal mail, just let our staff know – you can opt-out at any time.

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