02 Mar 2020
March 2, 2020

Coronavirus Advice for Patients

Dear Patients, As you are likely aware, Coronavirus has spread beyond China and the Department of Health Guidelines are being regularly updated. To prevent spread of potential cases with vulnerable patients and the wider community, we may ask you to self-isolate at home if you meet the criteria below. Our staff, nurses, and doctors will.. read more →

25 Nov 2019
November 25, 2019

Dr Griffith Retirement Announcement

Dear Patients, As many of you already know, I am writing to inform you that I will be retiring from general practice. My last consulting day will be Thursday 19th December 2019. Your medical record will continue to be held securely at Jasper Medical. Either reception staff or I can arrange an introduction to another.. read more →

28 Aug 2019
August 28, 2019

New Phone number and Online Bookings

Dear Patients, Jasper Medical has made some important changes recently, to our phone number and online bookings. Hopefully, this will improve the function of the practice so we can communicate with our patients better and make it clearer when we’re calling you. Why change the phone number? Our phone number hasn’t actually changed! However, the.. read more →

14 Jun 2019
June 14, 2019

Patient SMS Update

You may have noticed that over the last five years Jasper Medical has begun using text messages to communicate with patients. The feedback regarding using SMS for non-urgent contact has been very positive and patient surveys have indicated that many of you would prefer to be contacted by SMS due to the speed, convenience, and.. read more →

Mark Kelly, registered Myotherapist at Jasper Health A Fascia is a band or sheet of connective tissue beneath the skin that attaches, stabilizes, encloses, and separates muscles and other internal organs. The fascial system is comprised of different types of connective tissue, which are made up of different types of fibres. These include Collagen, which.. read more →

Dr Connie Petousis and Dr Vivienne Willmott are the directors of Osteopaths of Bentleigh. Their interest in the anatomy and function of the human body led them to the field of Osteopathy and they thoroughly enjoy treating the wide variety of patients that present to them at the clinic; from pregnant women, children and babies.. read more →

20 Feb 2019
February 20, 2019

Welcome Dr Dayani Ruberu

Jasper Medical Is pleased to welcome Dr Dayani Ruberu to our clinic. Dayani is a GP Registrar who has worked in different fields of medicine including emergency, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, and aged care as a resident medical officer. She has experience across several general practices, and joins Jasper Medical as part of her advanced.. read more →

General Strength Our exercise class focusses on improving general strength using functional movements while promoting health and is a fun social opportunity. This is an ideal way to improved strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, bone and joint strength, balance, energy levels, decrease stress and improve mood and also promotes weight loss. Each session is designed to.. read more →

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Thunderstorm asthma is the phenomenon where a large number of people develop asthma symptoms over a short period. In November 2016, a thunderstorm triggered an unprecedented thunderstorm asthma event in metropolitan Melbourne and Geelong. It caused significant demand on both Ambulance Victoria and hospital emergency departments — and sadly may have contributed to nine lives.. read more →