New Phone number and Online Bookings


Dear Patients,

Jasper Medical has made some important changes recently, to our phone number and online bookings. Hopefully, this will improve the function of the practice so we can communicate with our patients better and make it clearer when we’re calling you.

Why change the phone number?

Our phone number hasn’t actually changed! However, the phone number we call you from is different from the one we currently advertise to the public. Both work just fine, but we decided it would be easier if you could see “Jasper Medical” as the same contact for both outgoing and incoming calls.

You’ll notice a change to our stationery, cards, and website over the next few months, but don’t worry – the old number will continue to work for years to come.

The “new” phone number is 9576 6400
The “old” phone number is 9563 9411

Save the new number in your contacts today so you know it’s us!

What does the online booking change mean?

Accessing the bookings is exactly the same as before, just go to our website and click “book now”. The look of the system is a little different, but it will still save your appointment.

The Jasper Medical App will no longer accept bookings. Patients will need to download the HotDoc app if they want to make app bookings. Please ask for Jarret at reception if you would like help downloading the app.

Patients will need to register through the new platform to make bookings – please click “yes” if you are already an existing patient when you are asked if you have visited the clinic before!

As part of the new booking system, you can now reply to our SMS reminders to confirm you are coming to your appointment. We also have a new check-in kiosk at reception so you can skip the queue when you arrive. Please try it out when you next attend for an appointment, we are very excited about this and would love to hear your feedback.

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